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Originally Posted by dynrehab View Post
As the Leafs coach, Pat Quinn coached 574 games and had a 300-196-52(ties)-26 OTL. He went to 3 conference championships and won 7 playoff series.

In his career, he coached 1400 games, with 684 wins and 528 losses and a bunch of ties and OTL. He won 2 Jack Adams trophies, and an Olympic Gold medal, won a Canada Cup and a few other international tournaments.

How do you think people felt about him as Leafs coach?
Pat Quinn was a good coach as was Pat Burns. Those two guys brought Toronto closer to the holy grail than anybody else in my lifetime. Quinn was a decent GM too. I gotta say...this duo of Burke/Wilson are making me laugh....they are so arrogant and cocky and spinning their wheels. For the most part Leafs Nation is deserving of these two ****....constantly defending them for being crass, obnoxious and egotistical. These guys will bring Toronto zero results. Even a playoff appearance seems more and more unlikely as the season wears on.... They are still in the thick of it but as many pointed out... the way they are playing will soon catch up to them. And those were correct. The sked was fairly easy up until recently..and those were correct....Can't be carried by two guys all the year long...and they were correct. The team is in a Downward spiral...and those were correct. All these obvious signs were right in front of us but many refused to acknowledge them, all the while berating and calling out posters who suggested such bold predictions. Leafs are but a .500 team and if they don't start to improve on some of their sloppy, offense-first style of play, may find themselves in the same postion of years past. Playing catchup, feverishly trying to get into the top 8.

With the speak of Wilson getting his extension now being reported, the future looks bleak, IMO. More of the same. There are coaches falling all around the Leafs but Ron Wilson will get another 3 years? Comical.

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