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12-19-2011, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Unbe-freaking-lieavable. NESNSPN bias strikes again.

Ford's writeup on who had the best offseasons:

Teams listed with better grades?


(CHI also had a B+)

His rationale why the Knicks didn't get an A?

Yeah, the Clips give up everything but the kitchen sink for Paul, but still get the best grade. The Knicks arguably overpay in annual salary by $4.5MM for the 2nd best def/reb center in the league - who is a perfect fit for their roster - and yet, that's enough to knock 'em down not just to an A-, but to a B+, with 5 teams having better offseasons, including teams like Memphis that did NOTHING other than to sign their RFA and a draft pick.

And if contract value is such a decisive factor - where's the extra credit for getting Baron in at the vet's min and preserving the MMLE?

I should know better than to let the anti-NY bias get to be by now, but grrrr... that really steams me.
Could you by any chance describe his reasoning for Dallas getting an A-, as that one strikes me as rather odd. I totally agree with him about Tyson Chandler. There's nothing arguable about it: they seriously overpaid for a guy who can't create offense for himself. Baron Davis is a super talent, but he's injured and a lazy fat ass. Does this team need more players who don't care for playing defense?

Considering the Griz kept the league's second best center for the same price the Knicks paid Chandler, I understand that rating. I understand the Pacers grade, getting David West (a big pickup for a small market team), and if he is taking the draft into consideration, trading for George Hill. While I thought the Clips shouldn't have dealt Gordon, they still have a very strong team after that trade, and signing Butler (which was a great pickup) and, to a lesser extent, getting Billups, makes a move of Gordon easier to swallow.

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