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12-19-2011, 02:38 PM
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Hate to broad brush, but Blues fans are by far the worst ... rude, obnoxious, drunkards. Sometimes I think opponents' fans are so boorish in Nashville (Preds and Titans games) because of the whole Southern hospitality thing. Had a Ravens fan tell me once that "you guys are too *********g nice down here. I think many of them are already boorish but we don't pour beer on them or go back at them like say, Chicago fans in the UC. Glad we're the better people but I think that's a factor.

My most hated (inpo):

Detroit: favorite team pre-Predators arrival ... unable to like both like many because they are in the division / conference. Probably would have been doable if they were in the East. Can't stand them now and get angry at all the Predwings.

St. Louis: hate the team, hate the fans, hate the city, hate the "Let's ... Go ... Bluuuuuuues" cheer. Hate that so many Blues fans show up at BA ... but I'd want out of St. Louis too.

Columbus: HATE them ... hate Ohio State with a passion. Little brother syndrome. Good rivalry though as they really hate the Predators.

Anaheim: definitely a good, growing hateful rivalry from last season. Corey Perry ... and the worst whiny Captain in the league, Getzlaf.

Vancouver: most annoying fans in the league, Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, dshiddy ... enough said.

Looking forward to Winnipeg and Dallas in our "conference" ... really liked going to ATL for Preds games against the Thrashers so that will be a good building rivalry that should have been cultivated when they were in ATL. Agree on the Stars/Robidas-Tootoo.

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