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Originally Posted by night-timer View Post
I have been recently playing in several social leagues and at pick-up hockey where quite a few players, sometimes the majority, are more skilled than me. I can feel self-conscious playing in or against these teams, as though I am letting the team down or causing frustration for them.

Then again, last night my social league team lost 4-Nil. Okay, I didn't score a goal, but neither did the better players on the team.

It's just that a week ago, a guy on my team in a pick-up session almost wanted to "start something" with me in the carpark after the game because I had screwed up a few plays.

I am grateful for the advice I get from better players and I know I'm not the team's greatest asset, but how should I approach playing on these teams? Endlessly apologizing gets me nowhere. Everyone tells me you've gotta play against stronger players to challenge yourself and improve.
That 'guy' is an idiot. Guarnateed he's not as good as he thinks he is, and chances are everyone else hates them too.

I played with someone like that once too.
I was in a very good mens league that featured quite a few former pro's (AHL, Europe, etc). I'd say the average skill level was Junior C.
I didn't start playing until I was 13 and only played 2.5 years of houseleague. So that kind of tells you where my skill level is at.
Still, I worked hard and improved my game. I had a great year in this league one season scoring over a point per game and recording 12 goals in 21 games to go with 24 points. I was third on the team in scoring.
I wasn't, or will never be confused with being one of the best players in this league. But I learned to play with my limitations in order to be effective.
Meanwhile, THAT GUY, recorded whopping 6 points (2G-4A) in the 11 games he played with us.
He was constantly chirping at all the lesser players and would routinely hop the boards during a PP, PK or with 2 min left and in a close game.
Almost everyone hated his guts on our team. But he thought he was something special.

My favorite moment of that season was when karma came calling for him.
He was on a 2-on-1 and holding onto the puck. He waited too long to send the pass over, so by the time the puck got to his winger, even though the goalie was out of position, his winger was standing on the goaline and had an incredibly hard angle to score on. He missed the net.
When they got back to the bench, THAT GUY, started yapping and really giving it to him for not scoring.
So what do you think happened next? On the very next shift, the same two guys were on a 2-on-1 but this time his winger had the puck. He fed him a perfect pass and with the goalie in the corner, was staring at an empty net, on his forehand, and about 6' from the cage. He shoots it wide.
Dude didn't hear the end of it for the rest of the game. Low and behold, he wasn't around for the next game, or the next, or the next. Suddenly he was 'injured' and couldn't play for 3 months.

Don't let those jerks bother you. Like so many others here have said, it's hardly the truly talented guys that give lesser players like you and me a hard time.
It's the 3rd-liners who finally know someone a bit worse than them, and they make sure they feel better about themselves by berating them.

If it makes you feel better, just tell the guy to shut the EFF up.
I remember telling THAT GUY "I can always get better at hockey, but you'll always be an a'hole.".

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