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12-19-2011, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
huge overpayment for a 36 year old forward that has $7M per season cap hit for this season and next. i recall people skeptical and shying away during the Kovalchuk sweepstakes for this same type of move. "to much, to old" kept being uttered by many.

to trade that much for him is gross mismanagement imo.

-AMart at this point i liken to when LA traded away Sydor, similar games, similar skillset. Syd (a 1st himself) and a #5 landed Churla & Zmolek - two roster vets. total bonehead trade. HUGE overpayment by LA.

-Bernier still very unproven at the NHL level. a 1st rounder himself. needs GP and minutes to truly let LA establish his value, but consensus is he will be a #1. where is the question.

-Williams i am fine with. helps CAL reduce salary and get younger, while receiving a top 6 RW to replace Iggy with.

-LA's 1st. HELL NO. total overpayment. DL has already sent too many 1st and 2nd picks out. a team's future is based on their 1st and 2nd rounders, guys picked after these rounds have a big decrease in even making it to the NHL. continuing to trade away the future lifeblood of the Kings is foolhardy. doing it for a 36-year is even worse

i look at a package of JB, Amart and the 1st as a package of essentially 3 first rounders. yes i think AMart has the value to rate that high. he has certainly shown to have as much if not more game than other 1st - 4th round D-men. 2007 (AMart's class) Subban, Alzner, Hickey went before him. AMart has made as much impact as Alzner (1st) in just one season. Subban is the one leading the pack here. Hickey still is a no show. from the 2006 class E Johnson (1) and J McBain (2), are ahead of him in GP and Pts, but in time he likely would catch up to McBain if he got PP minutes like McBain.

for a 4th round pick AMart has put together a very good resume in just a season and half. one that isn't quite to the level of E Johnson, but certainly as good if not better than many others drafted higher than he was. i would love for LA to keep him, but VV has made him a tradeable asset. hell one could say they are both tradeable, depending on the team and player in question. both kids look great. AMArt is an asset that should give LA a better return than just one 36-year old forward
I like Amart as much as you do, perhaps even more as I think he's going to be better than Sydor. But bottomline is, his value is only going to go down being a healthy scratch. And believe me, there's no one from other teams that's going to think that he's first round worthy.

Amart fmv = 2nd maybe 2nd & 5th
Williams fmv = 2nd & 3rd or a very low 1st
Bernier fmv = low 1st
1st = low 1st assuming we make great strides under DS

So, it basically boils down to Iginla for two low 1sts, couple of 2nds, a 3rd and a 5th.

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