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12-19-2011, 04:03 PM
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Kings Are Going To Get A Kick!

Originally Posted by HookKing View Post
The team does look like they don't practice much. Sloppy passing or passes to nowhere, shots not on net, poor timing on rushes, stationary and predictable power play, overall lack of team chemistry etc.
One thing Sutter will do is get the Kings attention and if he doesn't then some will have to go...I for one would like to see Doughty gone he's been trouble since the contractual fiasco. I think he's overrated and won't likely turn his game or attitude around. Maybe the Kings could trade him to Nashville for Shea Weber since he'll get more than 10M per season but at least is worth the dough,not unlike Dough(ty)!God I friggin hate Doughty's guts...He's a waste of skin...

PS Whatever happned to Lombardi's build from within...just a bunch of BS from the master of bs...Penner wasn't the missing piece but we gave up 2 first rounders and a third Rounder for a player that may play one year for the Kings. Nice work Deano. We let Frolov walk for nothing...nice work Dean,We trade Cammalleri for Teubert. We trade Boyle,Moulson,Purcell for basically nothing...And Trade Tukonen for a pile of pucks(Clune). Nice work Deano. The list goes on and on and on...On a positive note Dean stole Richards from the Flyers... and may have brought the hardass coach this team needs or the Kings may implode which is just as well...Love to see the Kings get a top 3 pick this year then at least we can get a winger to play with Kopitar or Richards...

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