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11-04-2003, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by OYLer
Today I read some comments by a passionate female hockey fan that got me thinking about what heats up or cools down ongoing fan support. A passionate female hockey fan, not really an uncommon occurrence, here "In the Heartland of Hockey." Still, however, the gentle gender is in the minority. The sudden heat of oilflash’s statement on the HFBoards startled me at first, but upon reflection and after review of the content of her comments, I could find no fault. So in support of oilflash these humble observations are offered.

Just how big does the trough have to get before Joe Citizen and Jane Oiler start to show their disgust for such blatant political pandering. Right around the corner on Stadium Road lurks a growing street gang of disgruntled voters and enraged Oilers' fans who wonder when political and personal ethics will return to local and provincial politics.

As well, too few of the 60,000 plus tickets to the Heritage Classic have found their way into the hands of genuine Oilers' fans. This exciting promotion of Canadian Hockey at its best should have been used to grow team support not marginalize would be future fans. With that many tickets to sell one would have thought that any and every Oilers’ fan would be willing to pay the freight, could have climbed aboard behind the Copper & Blue locomotive.

This marketing blunder may well come back to haunt the Oilers' Management and Ownership Group. Currying the favour of the hockey Elite, Alberta's politicians, and Selected dignitaries in general will not sell more seasons tickets. Loyal fans who may have been enticed to become committed season ticket holders, these almost season ticket buyers, could have been courted with inclusion, not spurned in favour of glad-handing, sycophants who would sucker at the sticky-rich corporate breast. So politicians can pucker-up and latch onto and slurp-up the cream from yet another tainted nipple, but now there are two of us who will "watch wait and make my (our) vote(s) count come Election Day!"

We, excluded voters and disgusted hockey fans, alike, whose heated resentment would have been better cooled at CommonWealth, remain hot in our discontent.
i don't think anyone puts as much thought into their posts as you... well said.

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