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12-19-2011, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by levski87 View Post
I never get your logic towards the Knicks. You would prefer a team with Felton, Gallo, and Chandler over a C.Anthony/T.Chandler? How can you even say that?
Because I don't enjoy rooting for selfish, lazy **********? Because I like watching teams, not collections of free agents and hired guns? Because I enjoy team basketball, not one on one playground displays?

The Knicks today are a far better team than the Knicks from last year. Anthony is a star player in this league, and with the pick up Chandler, we are a true contender. We were a .500 team last year with your golden players, and you want us to contend for a championship with that ****** roster?
Then how come the Nuggets, in a tougher conference, were so much better after the trade when they acquired the scrubs, as you said? Better than the Knicks, in fact, particularly where defense is concerned. And no, I don't think that Knick team could contend for anything. I do think that if the Knicks don't make the Anthony trade, keep the team they had before it last year, and then sign a guy like Chandler this summer, they'd have a much better and deeper team than they do now.

I, along with other Knicks fans, KNOW that Anthony/Chandler/Davis give us a better chance to win a title then those 3 scrubs you mentioned above. Basketball is a team game, but a single player can take over certain points of the game (Remember Jordan,Kobe,Wade,Lebron....). Anthony has that ability, which far outweighs anything Gallo/Felton/and Chandler would have ever contributed.

Some of your posts lead me to believe you have never EVER played basketball in your entire life.

Oh and btw, the only reason the Knicks were "good" last year was because of Stat. Guess what, he isn't a homegrown player, just a UFA that played lights out for us.
The fact that you would put Anthony in the same conversation as Jordan, Bryant, James or Wade, all of whom are excellent defensive players, leads me to believe that you don't understand how basketball is played at the NBA level. Ditto for calling Felton and Gallo scrubs. Yeah, a great perimeter defender and phenomenal 3 point shooter who can drive the lane and get to the free throw line is a scrub.

I'll stand by a prediction I made not long after he was drafted: Carmelo Anthony will never win an NBA championship.

Oh, and I played organized basketball from age 7-16, though I don't see how that matters at all.

I'm still waiting for someone to explain me how you are a Knick fan if you like this team. How are these Knicks? Sounds more like a bunch of frontrunners to me.

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