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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
That's a terrible example...because of the last 5 years only Stamkos has challenged as a number one overall. By your own definition the following players aren't elite because they haven't "challenged for the scoring race"

Erik Johnson
Van Reimsdyk

Maybe they will in a few years, but they need time to develop. To expect players to come out into the NHL at 19-20-21-22 and make a run at a scoring title is LUDICROUS. I aboslutely despise this discussion I swear.

People act like every player who is drafted top 10 should be making huge huge impacts at the NHL RIGHT AWAY. Truth is, of ALL the draft picks each year...only a handful...less then 10...will play the year after they are drafted. We've become so ****ing spoiled with guys like Crosby, or Stamkos, Doughty and the likes...that we expect every player drafted up in the top-5 to have immediate impact...and when they don't OMG BUST OMG BUST HE SUCKS TRADE HIM. People need to get real, every draft year is different, and every player is different. Teams draft based on long term success 99% of the time, not immediate. Granted a player like Stamkos, it's just a bonus because you KNOW he is already going to step in and be an impact player. But for most guys, most regular gifted athletes that get drafted high..they NEED TIME TO DEVELOP. People fail to understand that, and in this impatient rationale they want immediate results. It's stupid, and unrealistic. For ****s sake man..the way people give up on players around here is so ridiculous. I am glad none of you are GMs.

And you want a few non top 5ers that have challenged before? To name only a few

Corey Perry
Martin St. Louis
Jarome Iginla
Brad Richards (3rd round)
Pavel Datsyuk
Marian Hossa
Joe Sakic
Daniel Alfredsson

Want to know how many of these guys were challenging for scoring titels below age 22? None of em except Sakic, who is arguably one of the best players of all time.

This rant wasn't directed at you Pest...but you spurred it on. Just to let you know..not givin it to you or anything...lit the fuse lol
Just to clairfy I wasnt talking about draft picks from the last 5 years. Im talking about guys that have been in the league for a while who were or werent taken in the top 5. I know guys need time to develop and that this generation has been spoiled by the likes of Crosby Stankos Ovechkin etc.

I was just bringing the point that outside the top 5 picks the chances of getting someone whos going to challenge for the top 5 in scoring year in and year out is rare. Of course there will be a guy here and there who does it but a lot of them do it one year and thats it. Of the guys on that list only Sakic, Datsyuk and St. Louis have done it more than once. That itself shows how rare it is for a guy outside the top 5 to consistently be challenging for a top 5 finish.

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