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12-19-2011, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Newfie John View Post
While I agree an aggressive PK is good, I disagree with the assumption that Eakins' style of aggressive PK will magically heal the Leafs PK. Any Tom, Dick or Joe can tell their PKers to go and be aggressive. It's quite another to do it tactically with NHLers. There isn't a PK in the AHL that can handle Nazem Kadri right now, most PPs in the NHL have at least one player at Kadri's skill level.
exactly, it's not as simple as saying 'let's be aggressive' in the middle of the season

it's a system/ tactics/ mentality that you build into your team since day one from training camp

it also may include things like better hustle/ fitness/ getting the most out of your players

eakins talked about how he sets traps during the pk , etc. obviously he won't divulge his entire philosophy. it's probably a lot more complicated than just 'aggression'. bottom line is, it is working and he seems to be getting a lot out of his players

the guys that come up seem to always do really good for the most part, better than we expect

wilson is bottom 3 with this team now for 4 years. it's hard to argue that works.

do you honestly not think eakins can't at least us in top 20 lol with the players we got

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