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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Hockey works in Europe. Not sure why this rather ignorant misconception of hockey being small in Europe exists. Outside of Football, it is arguably the 2nd biggest team sport in Europe. If it isn't 2nd, it is certainly close. It's popular in a number of countries. People seem to have this concept that for a sport to be defined as popular and mainstream it has to be popular everywhere. This simple isn't the case. The only sport which is popular continent wide is Football. \
Yeah, but basketball is very popular in big countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany... not as popular as hockey in Germany but much more popular than hockey in other countries. Also ex-Yugoslavia, Latvia (nr.2 after hockey) and Lithuania.

The only big country where hockey has significan presence is Russia (nr.2 sport after football)... you could also count in Germany but to a lesser extent.

I'd still say basketball is bigger in Europe but hockey would be nr.3... But football indeed rules, even in Latvia where, at least among Latvian population it is nr.3 sport, we follow it (though mostly only NT and foreign top leagues). And participation wise I don't know but it still might be bigger than even basketball.

Actually it's kinda hard for Latvia with these three sports- hockey is by far the most popular in press, in conversations, Dinamo Riga is the biggest club etc. but basketball is played by everybody, the youth system there is the best and there are numerous leagues in the country to play for (and what's funny, we have NBA draft 1st rounder and 2nd rounder in the last few years while we're still waiting for NHL 1st rounder and other talents do not appear too that much) but the national league is most developed and most stable in football. And contrary to basketball and hockey, even 2nd football league gets some increased interest of people while nobody cares about basketball 2nd best league or hockey's best league

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