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11-04-2003, 12:55 PM
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If the wings move youth then I'll give up on them and start following the Blue Jackets.

There are still 2 solid vets out there that the wings could acquire for a pretty low price that would help fill the injury void.

Steve Thomas. Still a pretty good skater and can chip in a goal when you need it most.
Adam Oates. He's never been fast or a great goal scorer yet he always got his points because how damn smart he is.
If the wings decided to sign them it'd take no more than a combined total of 3 million if even that much.
These two regardless of their ages would be big upgrades over Floyd Devereaux and Jason Williams.

Cujo will be gone by January or February most likely when Boston's goaltending and defense starts breaking down like it did last year after the first 30 games, or when some other team's goalie gets injured/proves that they aren't a real starter.

No way do the wings panic and send off any of their youth to another team for vets when there's still some on the market.
Zetterberg is only out 4-6 weeks. He comes back anywhere from early to mid december. Lets say...anywhere from 12 to 20 games. Once our forwards realize that they've got to backcheck it won't be that big a deal.

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