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Originally Posted by Higgy4
Lidstroms last 3 seasons he has order...59, 62 and 38 points. This season he is on pace for exactly 60 points. In fact his point totals for the past 10 years are 67, 57, 59, 57, 73, 71, 59, 62, 38 and a projected 60 this season. Where are the "plumetting" point totals you speak of? I see 1 bad year among 9 other fairly steady years. You are just completely wrong about that. And like I said before, he is on pace for a very quiet 60 points. You know a hot streak is inevitable at some point this year. So, while I can sorta see some of what you are saying, his point totals are not "plumetting" by any means.

Listen...I understand how these things work. Lidstrom is getting older. Lidstrom does make too much money. He isnt the single best defensman in the NHL that he was for the better part of the last decade. But I think all those great years have spoiled most of you. He is still a bonafide #1 defensman in the NHL. Didnt Chris Chelios have a Norris Finalist season at age 38 or something? Lidstrom still has TONS of great hockey left in him. Do I want Zdeno Chara on this team? Hell yeah...who wouldnt. But like everyone has said, Chara will be on 25 other teams wish lists as well. Chances are slim and none that he will be in Detroit next season.

Lidstrom is declining. But it isnt the lead balloon free fall like some of you are talking about. Lidstrom will take a considerable pay cut next year. If the Wings can sign him for 2 years/$8 million, I would take it in a heartbeat. And then go after some less expensive defensive minded guys to round out the D and replace what Fischer brought. Jay McKee was mentioned. I think someone like that would be ideal for the Red Wings.

Again...we are lucky to have Nick Lidstrom and this team is not a playoff team without him. I read other boards on here like the rest of you, and this is the only board that seems to be turning sour on him. Most of the other teams in the league will JUMP at the chance to take Lidstrom from Detroit. And we have people on here who want him gone and replaced by Ed Jovanovski?
You're ignoring half my points and misreading the other half. I explained that Lidstrom's point totals are higher than his play says they should be. This suggests that he is on his hot streak now, and that his numbers will drop as the season goes on.

You ignored my point about Lidstrom's dead shot and lack of goals.
You say that I want to replace him with Jovo when I clearly said we should replace him with Chara, and sign Jovo as a supplement if he's cheap enough.
Lidstrom did not play well in 03-04, and has not played very well this year either. Like I said, he's still one of the best at stick checking but he can't skate with anyone anymore and guys are exploiting his slowness more and more.
I agree that there are probably a lot of teams that will throw money at Lidstrom. Let them. It's their mistake.
Depending on what happens with Jiri, the Wings may need 2 top 4 defensemen next summer. McKee would be a good guy to go after, but he's not a top guy. And it's becoming clear that Lidstrom isn't a top guy anymore either. Chara is a top guy, and that's why I say they should concentrate on him. Better to overspend on a great young stud than overspend on an aging, slow player in decline.
Lidstrom may have lots of hockey left in him, but I haven't seen anything great from him this year. 4 mil is too much.

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