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11-04-2003, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchLeafsfan
Well, according to Stanger31, the reason why he was passed over in the draft was concerns about how his character would develop after all these terrible years with his father, and whether these years had impacted on his character in a negative way. On the other hand you are basically suggesting that O' Sullivan has a bad character, based on some actions of his, while largely ignoring the circumstances of these actions. Personally, based on articles and opinions I have read on the draft, I'd say Stanger31's view is closer to reality than yours.
I never said because his character was an issue, I have continued to maintain that it is not his character, Turnbuckle doesn't understand the word and is making very harsh accusations based on it. They weren't worried about how his character would develop, and not his character at all, but rather that he may not want to play hockey or have the drive for it because of what happened in his life. That is what everything has indicated, that they were worried that his other personal problems would be too intense and severe to allow him to continue on with hockey in the form he would need to keep both mentally and emotionally. I would also question when it was that all the NHL teams actually found out about the problem and learned all the facts of the situation.

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