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12-09-2005, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by sarcastro
You're ignoring half my points and misreading the other half. I explained that Lidstrom's point totals are higher than his play says they should be. This suggests that he is on his hot streak now, and that his numbers will drop as the season goes on.

You ignored my point about Lidstrom's dead shot and lack of goals.
You say that I want to replace him with Jovo when I clearly said we should replace him with Chara, and sign Jovo as a supplement if he's cheap enough.
Lidstrom did not play well in 03-04, and has not played very well this year either. Like I said, he's still one of the best at stick checking but he can't skate with anyone anymore and guys are exploiting his slowness more and more.
I agree that there are probably a lot of teams that will throw money at Lidstrom. Let them. It's their mistake.
Depending on what happens with Jiri, the Wings may need 2 top 4 defensemen next summer. McKee would be a good guy to go after, but he's not a top guy. And it's becoming clear that Lidstrom isn't a top guy anymore either. Chara is a top guy, and that's why I say they should concentrate on him. Better to overspend on a great young stud than overspend on an aging, slow player in decline.
Lidstrom may have lots of hockey left in him, but I haven't seen anything great from him this year. 4 mil is too much.
I didnt ignore anything you said. I have made all my points in other posts, so I dont want to keep beating a dead horse. Lidstrom is done in your eyes? You think 4 million is too much for him? Fine..whatever. I completely disagree with you.

I cant believe we have people on here who think this guy is done.

But oh well, you have your opinion and I have mine. Life goes on.

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