Thread: Post-Game Talk: Bruins Fall to the Canadiens! NOT!
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12-19-2011, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Nope, I was wrong I guess, people are still *****ing about the only line that continually kept the Bruins in their zone.

AK/Eller should have been used a bit more, but they had their chances and tonight they were not on. I love those two but they were playing too fancy. Noke's line deserved the ice time they got. The turnovers were the reason we lost. Thomas had a good game. They made less mistakes than us. That's it.

not saying Eller didn't play a good game, but Cunney used that line as much as it needed to be (which was more than most people think).
it has nothing to do with deserving icetime, game is on the line you dont put your fourth line on with 5 min left or less... ever...

as well as these guys may be playing, they're fourth liners for a reason...

say whatever you want about the quality of their play, but Darche has a 0.08 PPG this season, Blunden 1 asst in 11 games and Noke 0.12 PPG...

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