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12-09-2005, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Shoalzie
Just throwing this one out there, do you think not having McCarty around has affected in some way?
No. McCarty was seldom available (due to injuries) to play with Draper. When he was available he was frequently plugged into a fourth line.

from W98:
"the problem is if his contract is bought out, I'm fairly certain a percentage of the buyout will go against our cap anyway. And to ditch him in a trade would probably mean we take someone back who is also a cap problem or far less than equal value. Perhaps, unfortunately, just keeping him and continuing to pay him his $2.1 mil might actually be the best option for the wings."

ALL of any buyout (2/3 salary) would count against cap. This years buyout spree was a one-time, one week special event designed to give teams the opportunity to adjust to the new realities of a cap system. It won't happen again.
If the DRW were to buyout Draper, they would save $700K cap room, but his replacement would cost a minimum of $450K (This is the bare bones model ... To get Draperesque performance would cost IMO $1.5M ... so therefore It would cost an ADDITIONAL $1.050M to buyout Draper and get a comparable player. Or they could buyout Kris and he could apply for his old job (I think the one year restriction only applied to this season) at $1.5M and pocket the $700k himself ... don't look for this to happen!!

If someone wants to check my arithmetic go ahead ... JUST Don't post the results. I don't want to know.

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