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12-09-2005, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Winger98
the problem is if his contract is bought out, I'm fairly certain a percentage of the buyout will go against our cap anyway. And to ditch him in a trade would probably mean we take someone back who is also a cap problem or far less than equal value. Perhaps, unfortunately, just keeping him and continuing to pay him his $2.1 mil might actually be the best option for the wings.
I wasn't suggesting a buyout, I don't think those are even an option anymore. Or, if they are, they still count vs your cap, so why bother?

I was really thinking they could trade him, even if it's for a 7th rounder or a bag of pucks or something. It would be sad, but probably necessary to improve the team. Put it this way - next season would you rather have Draper on your team for 2.1 mil, or a guy like Norstrom or McKee? If that's the choice, even if it means giving him away for a dollar, it's one that has to be made.

Also, I like the idea that Draper would be traded for a dollar twice. Not as a slight against him at all, but it would be funny. If it were possible to renegotiate contracts I'd say great, halve his salary and keep him. But there's no such thing in the new CBA.

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