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12-09-2005, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Higgy4
See, I think Lidstrom is a 4 million dollar player. And yes...there will be quite a few teams who will throw 5-6 million at him. I hope to god the Wings dont panic and give him that much. But if Schneider is making 3.5, then Lidstrom is easily worth 4.

Sign him for 4 million, hope that Kronwall is the stud we all think he is, then go out and get a McKee type of guy for 1.5 - 2.

I have said all year (and even before this year) that Lidstrom is making too much money. But he wont be at 4 million.
It's a dangerous argument to make when you say if Schneider makes X, then Lidstrom is worth X+2. By that logic you'd say well, since Bobby Holik makes 4.5 mil, and Williams and Zetterberg both have 3 times as many points as he does, then they should both make 3 times as much money. Or, if you prefer, it's like saying since Datsyuk makes 4 mil and Williams has more points, Williams should make more than 4 mil. That's instead of saying that Datsyuk should make less, or whatever combination you want.

If they gave Lidstrom a one year deal for 4 mil, I might not mind so much. But I have a bad feeling that Holland will offer him a 3 year 15 mil deal or something like that, and by the end of it it will just be sad for everyone.

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