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12-19-2011, 11:04 PM
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Guys, can we please be real for a second?

That 2nd goal is NOTHING like Briere's goal. Briere's goal pinballed off of 2 guys, was going at least 80 MPH and went into the net top shelf.

The 2nd goal was moving INCREDIBLY SLOWLY and while it took 2 deflections, only the 1st deflection really changed the direction of the puck.

The standard play for a goalie there is to have the paddle down. And if Bryz does that rather than randomly flailing @ the puck w/ his stick, it's not a goal.

We've been told time and time again that Bryz isn't a flashy goalie ala a Ryan Miller or a Tim Thomas. He doesn't make the post to post kind of saves that Bob does.

What Bryz is supposed to bring is solid positioning, he's not supposed to give up the softies.

So forgive us for being angry when our goalie who is getting 5.67M per year lets in a goal due to poor positioning. And that's what it was... NOTHING BUT POOR POSITIONING. If the paddle is down like it is supposed to be (the proper position for that situation according to anyone who knows anything about goaltending), then the goal doesn't go in.

If the puck deflected and was still moving fast and finished top shelf, I wouldn't even be mad... but it didn't. It was a slow trickler that went right through where Bryz's stick should've been and that's inexcusable.


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