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12-09-2005, 11:44 AM
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Luongo has been pulled seven times this season, twice in the past two games. There's something else going on in Florida that we aren't hearing about. And for that, we should want no part of any turmoil from another team. We've had our own issues with turmoil for years. It's actually kind of refreshing we aren't the team turmoil of the past that we've been. If we make a deal for Luongo, you can bet that all the ugliness that took place in Florida will make it's way into the press and we don't need that.

With that being said, we really need for our goaltenders to step it up a notch. Right now, our team is giving up an average of 29 shots a game. That's not too bad at all and should be fairly manageable. However, we've allowed 85 goals over 27 games, for a GAA of 3.14 and change. Our save percentage is 89.1 percent right now. We're not even in the top third of the league in terms of goaltending. As it stands, if we make it into the playoffs, our goaltending is going to get eaten alive. Someone from our goaltending needs to step forth, shut their mouth, and just save the damn puck.

Let's face it, we've been lucky more than we've been good this season. Luck eventually runs out though and you've got to begin to rely on the talent you have and to actually be good. I sometimes think that because of all the injuries, it might be used as an excuse by the team to perform with the mentality that because we're injuried, we should be lucky if we win. If that's the attitude that is being fostered right now, then maybe some people need to be shipped out. We still have plenty of good talent in Philadelphia. It's time for someone to step up and take charge.

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