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12-19-2011, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Yes. Random ass bounce. Nothing he could do.

Dear god I wish people would get a clue.

From the time you're in juniors, goalies are screamed @ to get the paddle down when the puck goes down low b/c if the puck is thrown out in front, bounces like that can happen.

Bryz flailed @ the puck, was totally out of position, and so a goal that should've been stopped by his paddle goes in and people who don't understand the game and don't understand a thing about proper positioning for a goaltender want to call it "luck".

Great. Super. Yes, it was "luck".
Oh ok. He should have saved the first goal too. And all three shootout goals. And all the other goals he let in in the first 25 games.

Bryz is worth every bit of the $10 million he's making this year. Are you happy now? That's obviously what you want to hear. We aren't allowed to criticize the deity that is Ilya Bryzgalov, so I'm just going to call him great from now on to please fans like yourself.

You know what, I'll go even further... He should honestly be getting more Vezina buzz w/ how good he has played this year. Second coming of Bernie Parent. Tim Thomas who?
Thank you! It's about time someone sees the light!

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