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12-19-2011, 11:34 PM
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not a NYR...

but one year back in the mid 90's three friends and I went on a cruise out of Miami on a Carnival Ship.

At our assigned dinner table for the week it was the 4 of us, a family of 4 and another couple. The dude was a pretty big guy, and during some small talk he asked where we were from, when i said NJ he kind of looked surprised and immediately asked if we were NJ Devils fans and i said no, we were Rangers fans. I told him most NJ hockey fans like the Rangers.

He told us he was from Detroit. So we got on the subject of hockey quite often, and i think it was like the 3rd night at dinner he mentioned that he was just in NJ at the Stanley Cup game and I said 'damn you must be a die hard, you flew from Detroit to NJ to go to the game?" and he said 'Well.. actually i am on the Red Wings' so we asked who he was and it ended up being Keith Primeau. He was a pretty cool guy actually, we ate dinner with him the whole week. His wife was pregnant so we couldn't get him to really party with us.

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