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12-19-2011, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
That save percentage is absolutely pathetic no matter the team.

Here's all 30 team's starters, to the best of my knowledge, and their save percentages:

Thomas - .943
Backstrom - .933
Lundqvist - .932
Khabibulin - .931
Howard - .928
Quick - .927
Lehtonen - .926
Rinne - .924
Theodore - .923
Smith - .919
Montoya (Isles don't really have a specific starter so w/e) - .918
Niemi - .917
Price - .914
Fleury - .914
Kiprusoff - .913
Vokoun - .906
Luongo - .905
Pavelec - .905
Garon - .905
Halak - .903
Miller - .902
Ward - .899
Gustavsson - .898
Hiller - .898
Bryzgalov - .898
Crawford - .896
Varlamov - .896
Anderson -.894
Brodeur - .886
Mason - .880

The Flyers are 17th in terms of goals against and sixth in terms of goal differential. That's middle of the pack in terms of goals against and top of the league in goal differential. Yet Bryzgalov is tied for the 25th worst save percentage out of all these starters with the likes of Hiller and Gustavsson.

In the bold are starters on teams with a worse goals against record that have better or equal save percentages to Bryz. There's nine teams that have are doing worse defensively then the Flyers that have starters that are doing just as well, and in most cases better, then Bryzgalov. That's horrendous, especially once you consider that there's only 13 teams worse then us in terms of goals against. In fact, the starter for the worst team in the league in terms of goals against has a better save percentage then Bryz (albeit by barely).

When you're a middle of the pack team defensively, there's no excuse for your starter to be posting a sub .900 save percentage. In fact, regardless of circumstances, it's very rarely okay for a starter to have a sub .900 save percentage.

An .898 save percentage is horrendous all things considered.

Like I said, for me at least, the problem extends much farther the one shootout performance.
I'm just quoting this again to emphasize that our starter, who is playing on a 1st place team and has one of the most expensive goalie contracts in the league, is ranked 25th in save percentage among starters. Yeah.

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