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11-04-2003, 02:39 PM
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to be honest, i would not qualify him. i would keep him on the team at a salary that reflected his volatile nature. ideally would be a low base but high incentives, so that when he gets hurt again it will be less of a financial problem. if he insists on the same contract, trade him. there is no way ziggy palffy should not be the highest paid player on our team, and i would rather have him than allison. furthermore, it would be a staggering insult to palffy to try to pay him less than allison when palffy has carried this team for extended stretches. its not that i'm not a fan of allison; but the bottom line is that he gets hurt often. yeah, he plays through it pretty often, but he's also missed more than half the season two or three times in his relatively short career. he's not going to get more durable as he gets older.