Thread: Post-Game Talk: Bruins Fall to the Canadiens! NOT!
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12-20-2011, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Molson has already done that all by his lonesome. He doesn't need any help.

1) He takes over the Habs and releases Boivin who helped turn this franchise into a money making machine. He installs himself as president. Little rich boy wants to play grown up. No one on this site has mentioned it but many media types have pointed out that there were quite a few empty seats during home games this year. I wonder if little rich boy has something to do with that marketing strategy.

2) A few weeks into the season they fire an assistant coach under
very strange circumstances. This after they let Muller walk during the summer. I won't blame Molson for that but my gut tells me his hand is in it.

3) Awhile back he declares the management team has his complete confidence. Bang! Martin is fired. RC promoted and a janitor is given an assistant coaching job. Gauthier isn't the brightest but he's not this stupid. In his press conference he slipped a couple of times and mentioned we, us and corrected himself with I. My instincts tell me Molson ordered the firing and Molson ordered no new hiring. Work with what you got.

4) Today after caca hits the fan he releases a weasel statement that only a spoiled little rich brat would make. To appease the fans he has already insulted he tells them don't worry the coach we put in place we'll get rid of at the end of the season. With this brilliant statement he insults his fans telling them I'm too cheap to spend money for a new coach, I've already had to spend 4 million for a has been Czech defense man and a two million dollar bonus to the coach I just fired. And if that's not enough he cuts the legs out from under Randy Cunneyworth by letting everybody know in English & in French (maybe he should have had a Mohawk translation) this guy is out the door at the end of the season.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but Molson in the last year has shown himself to be incompetent and he may be this franchise's worse nightmare. Martin is gone, Gauthier & Cunneyworth will probably be gone in 5 months but little rich boy will still be around - until he runs the franchise to the ground.
I think the whole firing of Martin is just a big fat mess
I wonder though what's with the firing of coaches on game days

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