Thread: Post-Game Talk: Bruins Fall to the Canadiens! NOT!
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12-20-2011, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Molson has already done that all by his lonesome. He doesn't need any help.

1) He takes over the Habs and releases Boivin who helped turn this franchise into a money making machine. He installs himself as president. Little rich boy wants to play grown up. No one on this site has mentioned it but many media types have pointed out that there were quite a few empty seats during home games this year. I wonder if little rich boy has something to do with that marketing strategy.
As soon as Molson took over there was a change in the Bell Center. I know because Ive gone to 95% of the games since the lockout. The "entertainment" at the Bell Center isnt the same. Its so blah now. Example: they stopped announcing the attendance when Molson came in, seems pointless but it got the crowd fired up whenever they did. A bunch of little things like that. The music is just awful now.

They lost/fired the 2 people who put the Habs on another stratosphere in Boivin and Lalonde. Then again, Molson surrounded himself with what must be the three most boring people you can find with Gainey, JM and PG. Honestly, what do you expect. Imagine these three guys at a party? let alone organizing your party. Molson is too passive, I like pro active CEOS a la Steve Jobs despite him being the biggest *******. You cant run this team like you did in the 70s or 80s, **** moves quick these days and you need to leap frog the competition.

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