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Originally Posted by Tavares Dangles View Post
I am in a bit of a dilemma as i play defense for my high school roller hockey team
I am not the fastest backwards skater in the world so i tend to back off the forwards when there coming into the zone My coach tells me to force the forward to the outside as i move towards the boards they just accelerate right by me leaving me to chase after them The good teams we recently played had 3 players who could snipe from the blue line so i had to step on them which left me 2 options to get burned or let em shoot
Also how can i accelerate quickly from a standstill to skating backwards
hopefully this made sense any help is appreciated
You can accelerate the fastest with backwards crossovers, however if someone's got a step on you, and is skating forward it will not help you anyway. You must anticipate the plays, if the opposing forwards attack with sped you should have a pretty good speed going backwards already.

Also as the previous poster said, work on your backward skating and the transitions, as better skills will also speed you up. If someone's going around you and just about level with you (can't cut to the inside anymore), then you have to transition to forward skating, and force him outside of the net.

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