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12-20-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by TSA0402 View Post
I dont know. Seeing as a poll of 95% of the Sens fanbase think we lost this trade, and I'd think a good half of them wouldn't mind sending a few pitchforks to Bryan Murray's house right now, I'd say Don Maloney did pretty good on this deal. At the end of the day, its still a HF top prospect and a 2nd round pick for a malcontent.

He did good on the Klesla and Roszival deals, but I think he got a but lucky on this one. Murray flinched.
I was fortunate because I've actually seen Turris play at various levels. I saw him prior to being drafted in Burnaby where he scored 4 points in 2 periods and was clearly head and shoulders above everyone else in that game. My only reservation was the skinny legs and the fact that it was a much lesser league than most other top rated draft eligible prospects.

Once he was drafted I made a point of going to see him play a weekend series against Minnesota (NCAA). The food at the venue was more notable than Turris's actual performance to be honest. He looked okay, he just didn't stand out each shift like I had expected. I chalked it up to a similar experience I had scouting Blake Wheeler a year prior when I was drooling over Zajac at UND when the Calgary Flame scout (who was sitting beside me) leaned over to me and told me to watch Toews who was #1 on his draft list that year. I hadn't really noticed Toews at that point so I thought maybe my abilities to forecast players was a little iffy (I believe my review of Wheeler is that he would be better in the NHL than he was at the NCAA level; a good 3rd liner with 2nd line upside - which in hindsight was fairly accurate).

What I found interesting during an interview with Assistant GM Brad Treliving yesterday on XM Radio was it was Turris and his agent that demanded a contract to come out of NCAA early. I had always assumed it was Phoenix who pushed for that (there are some teams that aren't huge fans of the NCAA for developing prospects and after the Wheeler experience this would not have shocked me).

In the end though Turris was drafted with the notion that he would be a PPG player. He has an elite caliber wrist shot and to be honest he has a "aww shucks" personality that was for the most part endearing. You actually wanted to see the kid succeed.

The last few years have really made it apparent that Turris is not going to be a front line center. He's not. The offensive creativity of an elite player hasn't materialized. You can argue Tippet's system but I can honestly say I saw more out of 5 games from 24 year old rookie Andy Miele on producing offensive chances than I did in 130+ games out of Turris. Turris is a finisher. He can score. He does not however, make other players around him better.

Turris may be able to become that 60-70 PPG player. That's his upside at this point. The danger for Ottawa is he develops into "just" a 40-50 point guy (who are more easy to find in this league). Ottawa paid value based on a future 2nd line center. He may get there but the development process may be frustrating. I know I'll be watching a few more Senator games this year just to see where that 2nd rounder ends up.

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