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12-20-2011, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Jones - Mistake. No defending.
Leighton - $1.5m a year isn't a great amount and he's spent a lot of that in the minors so who cares? He'd earned a contract, he'd played well with us up until the contract.
Shelley - Mistake, but still not much is it?
Gagne - Played like crap after we sold him, we saved a lot of money there.
Eminger - We didn't trade Carlson for him, we traded a first round pick. Bad trade, but not worth getting so wound up over.
Metropolit and Kukkonen - They both suck so badly it's amusing that you have to resort to using them as an argument.

Shall we start listing all the good things he's done? It'll be amusing listing all the good ones that he was initially criticised for doing too.
I am not denying hes made some good moves. hes had, but some of the bad moves have been brutal. Moves that could of been avoided if he managed the cap better.
Some people just quickly brush off the waiving of depth players. yeah they suck, no big deal.
but because we have some deep playoff runs the moves have been "ok". Probably safe to say we could of used some of those draft picks hes given away in salary cap dumps.
but whatever we have beaten this dead horse around here for far too long.

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