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12-20-2011, 01:47 PM
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At some point, the teams with coaching changes that haven't done anything will have to start popping players.

Carolina, Anaheim, and Washington have to start feeling the heat pretty soon. It's too soon to tell with LA and Montreal.

I'm always the most interested in the teams that get the least media coverage, as there tends to be a few forgotten teams each year and I feel as a fan, those teams present a good opportunity to make a quiet steal.

Last year my team for this was the Blue Jackets. Now the media updates us daily on the Jackets futility.

Colorado was a candidate last year, but they seem to have completely fallen off the map now. I don't hear jack about them. Somebody ask Phoenix to see if they're still there.

Let me ask you this. Did you know that Colorado has Shane O'Brien? I sure as hell didn't.

It looks like they've sold off most of their parts to rebuild, but if they're not winning now...what's the harm in trading away one or two of their younger guys to us?

All of the Pacific teams may want to make moves. Dallas to solidify their place as divisional leader, followed by the rest of the division wanting to overtake the usurpers. San Jose (8th), Phoenix (9th), LA (10th), Anaheim (14th).

The gap between Dallas and LA is only 5 pts. Somebody's going to make a move, as it's really anybody's division at this point, and if one team can lock up the division, the rest of the rabble will struggle finding playoff spots.

Anaheim and LA might be the most aggressive, as Phoenix's situation isn't going to allow them to make big moves, and they know that.

Toni Lydman intrigues me as he's doing poorly with Anaheim, but is also a Finn. BB won his Adams on his ability to coach young players, which Lydman is not. Fowler and Sbisa might become his 'project players' while Lydman kind of gets pushed to the side.

No matter how many points Lydman would put up for us, it'd be more than Ohlund, and he'd be a better skater, and more steady than Kubina.

San Jose probably feels a bit disappointed they aren't running away with the division though.

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