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12-20-2011, 01:49 PM
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The sweet stick definitely will screw up your edges. I tried it once. I was falling down anything I wasn't moving straight ahead. Never again. When you sharpen skates, the outside of the steel is supposed to be flat. When you use that stick, the outside angles inward. You don't have a stable edge.

Here's what I'd do. Get your skates sharpened and if you want more bite, get a deeper hollow (like 3/8" if you use 1/2" now). And throw the stick in the trash

If you need a stone, get a Miracle Stone. It's a real, solid honing stone and cheap. Get two of them at once in case you lose one. The only thing you need it for is to smooth the outside of the steel in case of nicks.

Honestly I think that would fix it 100% from what you have described.

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