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11-04-2003, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by ax˛+bx+c
bah! Hainsey was very bad in his own zone since the very first game. He also lack of hockey sense, like a lot of members here, so they don't realize that Hainsey lacks for it.

As for Rivet playing bad that's utter crap. On 12 games, he's been good on 10 of those. He was playing bad in two home games so far and he was booed. I feel the need to add that he was doing a better job at center than Ribeiro on the powerplay against NYR.

Rivet is average, and he hasn't been good in 10 games this year. Did you see Hainsey get undressed in front of Theo by Schafer? Oh that's right it was Rivet the Veteran defensemen making the rookie mistake of backing in too far. Try again, Rivet is limited in his skills. Tell me since you seem to know so much about Rivet while the rest of us don't, what does he do good? He doesn't pass well. His breakout passes aren't very good. He will jump into the play which is great to see, but he takes the puck wide and can't thread teh needle. (lots of defensemen don't pass well, but that's why they leave that to the more skilled. Does he clear teh crease well? No. Does he hit often, not really, unless he makes a bad play, then he gets pissed and starts hacking people.

I will say he can black shots well, and I'm glad to see he's improved his offense over the years, but I don't see him as being good in 10 games.

Hainsey is a rookie and shouldn't be compared to the long time pro that Rivet is. Rivet should be making the plays he doesn't. Hainsey needs experience to learn.

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