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11-04-2003, 03:22 PM
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After the first period

I ordered the PPV. Nice show.

The Good:
Torres - Is this guy a player or what? I hope he lays someone out tonight too.

Dvorak - Again. Fastest player on the ice except for maybe Hemsky.

Pisani - Looks like that seeing-eye shot from last year could be back.

Staios - Of course, the best for last. Responsible for both Oiler goals to some degree, solid D. HEY KEVIN...Workin on that extension or what?

The BadAlthough, the "bad" in this case should just be the notso good)
Hemsky - Pains me to say it, but he is really fighting the puck, the ice, the other team, the announcers...Tough game so far. Lots of speed tonight though, as usual.

Smyth - Tough going on those boards eh? Keep it up Smytty!

Brewer - Still struggling, but has shown some good signs. Seems more tenacious tonight, laying out some guy 10 seconds in, then nearly gaffing on the play in front. LT - is Brewer turning into a chaos D-man?

The Ugly:

That call on Horcoff. Ouch.

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