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12-10-2005, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
Yeah, but who does Kappy play with? His offensive game is done. He had those good seasons in Carolina, but comes here and becomes a defensive stalwart because his offensive game went south. Is it worth putting Kappy on a scoring line at the expense of Umberger or Sim or Handzus? To be honest, it really isn't.

Maybe I'm in the minority around here, but I would love to see us get an impact winger who can score goals and is a first line winger. We can then bump Knuble to the 2nd line and maybe we can see some more goals scored by the secondary and tertiary lines. We aren't seeing that right now and that's our biggest problem.

Yeah, we're good defensively, but we should be scoring more than 3.81 goals a game (103 goals in 27 games) with the talent we have.
I will maybe give you Umberger for development reasons. And Handzus is always underated by people on this board (he is the best player on this team not named Peter or Simon)


Kapanen > Sim any day of the week and about 50 times on Sunday!!!!

Sim has 7 goals when he had 6 in like the first 10 games. He should be a 4th liner at best. I honestly rather have seen them keep Sharp and lose Sim. Kapanen used to be a consistent 55-65 point scorer in this league until he started battling some injuries. He never seemed to be the same after a serious wrist injury he had in Carolina. The new rules and more time with an offensive line could only help him and I think he could be a 50 point, solid 2nd liner for a year or two. I havent seen the last few games so I dont know what the lines have looked like but when healthy I assume they are going to keep Gagne Forsberg Knuble together. I would like to see Handzus Richards Kapanen, and Umberger Carter Rado which has looked pretty good.

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