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12-10-2005, 12:00 AM
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Just back from another ball hockey game. We lost 1-0 even though we beat them in the number of shots, 22 against 11. I take the blame for the goal. The opponent was behind the net. I stayed just on the right-front of the net and anticipated the pass in front. The problem is that I was not DIRECTLY between both men. If I had been, I would have cut off the pass, and no goal would have been scored. In other words, I was a useless spectator on the play. Next time, I'll know better. On the positive side, I made much better passes and got more shots in the direction of the net than usual.

There is one thing I'm wondering about. There was a one-on-one in our territory, me being the defenseman. I backed off because I figured that it would be best if I let him do the first move. He kept running in my direction hoping I would go on either side, lay on the floor or try to block his body. I was hoping he would get so confused that he would not have any idea what to do with the ball. I finally hit his stick and the ball went in the corner. What would YOU do?

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