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12-20-2011, 09:25 PM
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Good: Our Super Keeper, even though it was a 3 goal win, he stole the show. Anisimov is really starting to make plays when he has the puck, and Dubinsky seemed to play with some confidence today

BAD: Still very poor with breaking out of our defensive zones, as well as entering the zone on offense. It seems this team has a lot of trouble anticipating plays, even I know when someone is in trouble we shoot the puck around the boards and switch sides. Problem is a lot of the time the of winger is not anticipating the pass, and the opposing team either intercepts and keeps the puck in our zone, or leads the opposing team to an easy break out and an odd man rush

: Second Line, there is no one on this line who is able to carry the puck in and control it. While I think Hagelin will be a good addition to the line, he kind of reminds me of the guy from mighty ducks 2, that would fly all over the ice, but didn't know how to stop. Kinda like the Forrest Gump of the NHL.

Since the all three Stepan Gaborik and Anisimov, seem comfortable controlling the puck in the offensive zone. Withe the way Anisimov is playing I wouldn't mind seeing him paired with Hagelin and Richards, and put Callahan up with Stepan and Gaborik and see if that would help the second line cycle and control the puck better.

That is all for today kids, dont forget to brush your teeth and wash behind your ears

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