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12-10-2005, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeylover
Just back from another ball hockey game. We lost 1-0 even though we beat them in the number of shots, 22 against 11. I take the blame for the goal. The opponent was behind the net. I stayed just on the right-front of the net and anticipated the pass in front. The problem is that I was not DIRECTLY between both men. If I had been, I would have cut off the pass, and no goal would have been scored. In other words, I was a useless spectator on the play. Next time, I'll know better. On the positive side, I made much better passes and got more shots in the direction of the net than usual.

There is one thing I'm wondering about. There was a one-on-one in our territory, me being the defenseman. I backed off because I figured that it would be best if I let him do the first move. He kept running in my direction hoping I would go on either side, lay on the floor or try to block his body. I was hoping he would get so confused that he would not have any idea what to do with the ball. I finally hit his stick and the ball went in the corner. What would YOU do?
When the ball goes behind the net you want to cut off the pass bu getting your stick down on the ground to make him have to loft it over the stick which will mess up the one-timer(most of the time).

1 on 1... You don't need to worry about the pass so just pinch! Pinch means to get into his face and play for control of the puck, if he dekes you no big deal because you have help from the goalie. A helpful hint would be to pinch so that your goalie still has enough room to move to the front of the crease to cut off the angle of the shot.

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