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12-21-2011, 12:34 AM
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The Oilers will sign up for the following:

CBC “Hockey Night In Canada” Deal
Canadian Teams Only
Criteria: Team must finish the regular season with an average attendance of 90% capacity.
Cost Fee: $2,000,000
Revenue: $5,000,000
Bonus: $500 000 (If team averages 95% capacity)

Player’s team CANNOT endorse Coca-Cola Company
Criteria: Team must have a player 25 or younger who has 35 or more assists in the regular season.
Cost Fee: $1,000,000
Revenue: $2,500,000

Tim Horton’s
Criteria: Team must have a GOALIE who has a save percentage of 91% or higher minimum 40 games played or finishes in the top 5 of save percentage (again 40 games played min).
Cost Fee: $1,000,000
Revenue: $3,000,000

Total Cost: $4M
Total Payout: $11M (when I hit the attendance bonus again)

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