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12-21-2011, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
All I see is your trying to play the victim here. Poor me, yadda, yadda, yadda, who isn't allowing you to argue your points? Are you being censored by someone? I can read your posts fine, I just don't agree with you.

The habs are my favorite hockey team. I'm English and from New Brunswick, you don't own the team anymore than I do. I have np with you having pride in your culture/language ect, but I do have a problem with you interrupting the everyday workings of my favorite hockey team.
And you don't own the team either so zip it, people in Quebec have the rights to say what they want, what they think. As a private company, Molson can do whatever he wants with the Habs, that being said he as a board to answer to, and there is 21 000 something investors every 41 games that may have a word to say about the way he's doing business.

I don't agree with the menu at McDonalds, they don't have to listen to me, but if enough of the customers are unhappy and they say it, and stop supporting the businness, McDonalds will have to do changes, it's the cost of doing business

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