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12-21-2011, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by GeneralSwell View Post
To be fair, it's hard to swallow when you are the only team that doesn't sign your 1st rounder.
I said it at the time of the draft, and I'll say it again now: the optics of him being a 1st rounder make it seem worse than it is. Daniel Norris was expected to be a first round pick as well, but fell because of signability. If we switch his draft position with Beede's, nobody complains about us not signing Beede, because we knew that of the 3 (Beede, Norris, Comer) we were only likely to sign 2.

AA has no issue with spending money, that much has been made clear, it's that it has to make sense in the long run. Just look at past examples with Darvish's posting, sending Philly $5M to get the prospects he wanted; going after Chapman, Hech for $10M...That why it's unlikely he's going to go after a Prince Fielder who will be great for 5-6 years, but it's years 7-10 that he'd be a huge albatross.

The only way I could see AA going after Fielder is 6 guaranteed years and then a bunch of options.

$150M/6 ($25M/yr)
$40M/2 years team option ($5M buyout per year)
$33M/2 years player option

There he's guaranteed at least $155M for 6 years and as much as $223M over 10 years

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