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12-21-2011, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by bubbafat View Post
A quick thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I took to the ice today for a few hours at an open skate session. Last time I skated, the elder Bush was still in office.

Strides were weak, crossovers (forward) were unstable, hockey stops were pathetic ... But I stayed off my butt and the wall, and had a great time.

That said ... I wore rental skates. I am totally sold on spending some extra money to get the right fit. Man, are my arches sore!

So thanks again for the advice, I look forward to putting it into action ASAP and spending more time on the ice.
Hey Robert,

If I can make one recommendation, as someone mentioned above, be prepared to invest a few hundred dollars into a pair of skates with great support (stiffness doesn't hurt either). In regards to equipment, as someone who is larger, go to the store and try everything on and see what feels most comfortable. All of the equipment from different brands comes in a large variety of sizes (I have bigger shoulders and bought some Warrior shoulder pads that fit me like a dream, whereas the X:60s from Bauer were severely uncomfortable).

Congrats on the weight loss and keep at it.

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