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12-21-2011, 12:33 PM
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I've been using One75's on and off for a couple seasons now. They didn't hardly break in at all or need it. They felt comfy right off the bat.

I believe both the Vapor and Total One gloves have a thin material on the gussets and palms instead of leather or clarino, which made them fit more snug and flexible.

The 4-Rolls to me feel like they have lots of clarino material which makes them loose right off the bat eliminating the need for break in or flexibility.

<begin meandering rant>

I like the feel of the 4-Rolls and Total One gloves but the Vapors are off to me. They aren't as form fitting and flexible as the TO but aren't as loose as the 4-Rolls. The palm material is stretched too tight.

If you relax your hands, the palm naturally has curves to it, almost like a dish. The Vapor gloves, along with all Eagle gloves, have a tight palm material that doesn't move naturally. When I try them on and hold a stick, it's fighting the natural curves of my palm, and I lose a lot of control.

The 4-Rolls have enough material that I can grip the stick comfortably. The TO's for whatever reason allow me to grip the stick comfortably with less slop overall. But the Vapors, it's like I'm gripping the glove and not the stick, and it screws me up.

I've been trying to put what I don't like about them into words for a couple years now and think I've finally got it.

</end rant>

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