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12-21-2011, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by BluejacketNut View Post
The only thing harsh about the punishment is the stupidity of the punishment. A couple people f'd up, so lets punish the kids coming in after them. Its like someone stealing from a company, and then the following employee's being punished for it. Fine the schools, that's whats going to make a dent.... for-fitting games is the dumbest punishment...they were played, we know who won the game. The scholarships is a better punishment then the bowl game ban, lets the kids who didnt do any wrong still participate. Im curious to see what Miami gets
This is my point exactly. The NCAA makes a lot of innocent people pay for the mistakes of a few. Those few already paid steep prices for their transgressions, but the NCAA decides that the rest of the team, school and their fans must also pay. I agree a big fine to the athletic department would be better.

Then there is this.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions, however, deemed Ohio State deserving of a stiffer slap because the school failed to monitor a booster — Cleveland-area businessman Bobby DiGeronimo — and because of former coach Jim Tressel’s “unethical conduct” in hiding his knowledge of rules violations.
How in the hell is any university going to be able to monitor every fricking booster out there. That is a demand that realistically is impossible to meet. And, how would the University know that Tressel was hiding something since, it was hidden?

The bowl ban?

“Normally, that penalty would be imposed if there had been ineligible players taking part in a bowl, but those players that took part in the Sugar Bowl last year for Ohio State had already been reinstated by the NCAA for that particular game,” he said.
So the NCAA reinstates the players to play in the bowl game, then issues a bowl ban two years later since they played in the previous bowl?

One more.

Mitten, an Ohio State graduate, also said he thinks the NCAA was unfairly hard on Ohio State for Tressel’s actions. “Tressel concealed those violations, not the university — and the NCAA even said that.”

Again, Tressel F's up, pays the ultimate price, but now the University must also pay.

Once again, this was the NCAA showing it's ASS! Hell, it's a lot of fun bringing a big football program like OSU's to it's knees. One big power trip.

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