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12-21-2011, 01:45 PM
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Just took a look at the 2012 Reebok catalog, and they're currently offering 6 curves (on their new sticks):

Ones you definitely don't want:
- P87A Crosby: it's basically the Easton Sakic/Hall, a big open mid curve
- P36A Phaneuf: it's basically the Easton Drury/Parise, a heel wedge
- P44 Bergeron: it's apparently similar to the Sherwood Coffey, a massive/banana mid curve

Ones you might like:
- P38 Datsyuk: a not too open mid curve with a pretty square toe, similar to the Iginla but a bit lower lie, with a bit of a flatter rocker
- P40 Hedman: haven't used it, but they describe it as being similar to the Bauer P88/Kane. The P88, compared to the Iginla, has a rounder toe, a bit more rocker, is a touch more open (only just, and still not very open), has a slightly longer blade, and the curve starts a bit more towards the heel, though it's still a mid curve IMO. If it's actually a P88 clone, the P88 is a really nice, really versatile curve, if you're a fan of not-to-open mid curves
- P42 Duchene: they describe it as a clone of the Easton Modano/Forsberg/Zetterberg/Cammalleri. Definitely not the same as an Iginla, but not TOO far off. It's more similar to the P88, but a bit less deep, a bit more of a heel curve (like a mid-heel), a bit lower lie, a bit more open, and a bit of a flatter rocker than the P88. A very popular/versatile curve as well.

If you're set on a Reebok stick, I'd personally go with whichever of the P38, P40 or P42 has the lie/rocker that best suits your needs, as in terms of curve shape they won't play THAT different (all mid to mid-heel curves, all not too open, all of moderate to light depth).

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