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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Sure he's good. But to ignore his errors is to be an apologist. The types of errors he makes are unforced errors where he makes a tape to tape pass onto an opponent's stick.

Worth the trade off? Okay sure. And I also have no problem letting him work through those mistakes. That's what we should be doing with him.

But let's not pretend like these errors don't exist. He's made some very boneheaded plays that have resulted in unforced scoring chances and those are the types of mistakes that people are talking about.

I have no doubt he'll improve though. And to see PK's name popping up in trade suggestions right now is really crazy in my opinion.
Referring to one incident where

A) He had the flu

Doesn't make it the case all the time like some folks around here love to do. It's hyperbole. He does not make mistakes all the time, he's just criticized anytime he doesn't do something right.

I agree that the error he made that game was unforced however you make it sound like it's the case all the time Most of his mistakes are most certainly forced by a strong forcheck. Yes he has blunders at the offensive blue line now and then, yes he has made a few mistakes like the one you described. All the time though? That's major hyperbole.

And no, having eyes and watching a game and understanding how a player is used, what he does outside of your little g/a/pt column and what good/bad he brings doesn't make me an apologist. It makes me a fan who isn't acting on emotion and raging over the fact that his team isn't winning. I guess somebody has to be blamed, let's blame the guy who has held the team together since day one. Let's blame the guy eating up all the tough minutes against the better opposition, against all opposition quite frankly

You guys are fun for a laugh now and the... "apologist".. is that the best you guys can come up with? Regurgitating some crap from a Gomez thread? It's pathetic the way people use that as if it's a solid argument. Yeah I'm an apologist because unlike some folks I don't blame the star D who has been playing like a #1 just because he's in his 2nd year and makes mistakes

I guess I must be an apologist. You say apologist, I say realist. Wake up. He's a 2nd year D playing 40-50% of the game, normally matched up against the best. He does NOT make mistakes all the time, you guys just rag on him all the time. He does make mistakes however. I can't think of a sophomore player who doesn't make mistakes. But yeah, being realistic about a players development and not getting emotional over a poor team that is losing makes me an apologist simply because I don't blame the one guy making this team sometimes win games

Alright guys, I guess I'm an apologist then.

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