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12-21-2011, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Subban has been great defensively. Everyone has been ripping on him, but he's been very good. When he makes mistakes, they're obvious ones, but he carries quite a load back there.
Exactly. I understand some folks are upset about how the team has been playing and I don't blame you.

But saying Subban is constantly making mistakes, should be benched etc makes you out to be the most casual bandwagoner noob fans ever. I may sound like an "apologist" but I'd rather sound like an apologist than a complete tool. It's funny how when Hammer was being over-matched and over-played it was a perfect excuse, even though this guy is a former 1st overall pick NHL veteran two-way D who is solid. But the guy who is a sophomore who also had a slow start offensively last season but who has been a STUD defensively... eating up huge minutes against less than favorable opponents is somehow not afforded the same reasoning playing easily 5+ minutes more a night than this vet, against tougher opposition and with worse players playing with him.

I guess now a days using common sense to discuss a player makes you an apologist though

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