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12-10-2005, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by The Old Master
and if your going to lose; it's better to lose to the biggest guy than lose to a little one.
haha happened to me last night, im only 16 and it was a real chippy game and i play a realy physical game despite only being 5'7. and things looked like they were getting ugly especially since we were lossing by quite a margin, so our coach tells us to look to next game and im cool with that, but the team had one goon who just kept running and cross checking and slashing, and he was against me on teh point and gave me probly 5 good slashes or cross checks in a row with me skating away and he took the puck in the corner and i gave him a decent check and off went his gloves, and with his height advantage i knew i didnt have much chance but i went anyways and he got my helmet off pretty quick gave me a couple solid ones but i threw some back to the jaw and managed to throw him to the ice and not get my face absolutly broken by this guy but it was at a point that i wasnt putting up with the crap anymore there beating us by 12 goals and ur gooning it up im not putting up with it, biggest thing is when ur a little guy you have to surprise the guy, unfortunatly he grabbed me before i had a chance so tie up the throwing hand try to get a few licks in but haul him to the ice. As a side note im only 5'7 and this guy was maybe 6'3 and had over 50-75 lbs. on me and i feel i had a pretty decent showing

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