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11-04-2003, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by HabsAddict
To clarify this......

Yes, it would be nice to be like the current Sens but do we have to be the hot water washed shrunken version of them?

I don't mind if we had bigger players AND the skill level. What is bothering me is that we seem to be looking at the skating and skill level and ignoring that the team needs balance.

Many people say that we can always trade for size. Why would anyone else want to GIVE up that size to us unless we overpaid? Would you trade Saku for Dvorak?
I don't understand that last question. Koivu for Dvorak? Is Dvorak supposed to be big?

Many teams trade size for skill. Look at Philly, who's dealt several of their bigger players in favour of smaller, skilled players like Kapanen.

Toronto picked up Nolan for smaller players, and picked up Roberts on the UFA market.

Edmonton dealt Niinimaa for two big bodied forwards.

NYI dealt a collection of youth and skill for Peca, Wiemer, Parrish. The emphasis is on youth and skill in the deals for those players; not size.

There are many examples of teams dealing for skill, while giving up size. Most teams in the league right now can use scoring forwards, meanwhile there's a lot of muckers that have some decent upside available.

The fact is, size is not Montreal's problem. Skill and strength are. Forsberg is one of the strongest players in the game and can carry opponents on his back, but he's smaller than the league average sized player. Madden and Peca are two of the best shut down specialists in the league and can physically contain the opposition in the bigger Eastern conference, yet both are undersized compared to the average player in the league.

This is due to excellent lower body strength; NOT size. Lower body strength determines body checks and ability to battle in the trenches.

On the other hand, a player like Chad Kilger is a complete flake in terms of strength and how he uses it.

Size is not Montreal's concern. Bringing in players who have a good work ethic, skating and good offensive skill should be the primary objective.

And by the way, I don't find Higgins 'undersized' in the same way that I don't find Forsberg or Madden undersized. He's got a good lower body strength which will enable him to compete down low, and he has the acceleration and craftiness to succeed at both ends of the rinks. I see him inflicting more big hits on the opposition than he takes.

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