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12-21-2011, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Eamonn View Post
^good job .


In the lower mainland.. A is the highest level, B is the second highest, and C is house. But in each of those levels, there are 'tiers'. Tier 1 has all the best teams, and there are 6 tiers in total per level. So I guess tier 1 and 2 would be AAA, tier 3 and 4 would be AA, and tier 5 and 6 would be A, of the 'A' level.

Guess thats not how it is where you are.

Also does anyone know why schools in the USA have highschool hockey yet not one school in the Vancouver area has hockey? It's baffling to me.. I would have killed to play highschool hockey but its not a thing around here.
Oh, weird out here every school has a hockey team if they have the interest. Is it possible your school HAD a team and did something to lose it's privalige, or there isn't any rinks around? Maybe your the only school within driving distance?

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